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Lauren is an American actress and writer from the beautiful state of Colorado. Although her childhood was not easy (having bounced around in foster care for several years before settling in with her amazing adopted family), the one constant she always had was working with horses. Over the years, she has become an expert rider and at horsemanship. When Lauren is not acting, you can find her riding her horse Harley, all around the L.A. area.

At the age of 11, Lauren fell in love with acting after watching one of the daughters of her foster parents perform in Fiddler on the Roff at school. Soon after, she became involved with theatrical productions both at school and with her local church. After high school, Lauren took a slight detour and headed to Aspen, Colorado . There, she became a snowboard instructor while attending college and working in local productions with Theater Aspen and Colorado Mountain College.

After a few years living in the mountains, her passion for acting came calling again and she soon moved to L.A. to pursue and acting career. Once in L.A., one of Lauren's goals was to try her hand at as many different jobs on set as she could. And Boy has that goal been achieved! She has done everything from being a PA to stand-in, craft services, art department, casting, boom, grips,2nd AD, 1st AD and even wrote and directed a commercial! Lauren is excited to see where this next decade (and Chapter in her life) will taker her. Whether it be acting or writing a screenplay, she loves a good challenge and hard work. 


Lauren is a very down to earth person. When she's not acting, you can usually find her Hiking. She is also an avid painter and loves the ocean. She also plans to see the world, having already been to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany. Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic and Austria. Her love for travel will hopefully take her to Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa and Japan in the near future. 

A passion to learn and try new things, Lauren is hoping to take a stunt driving class, write a book and to learn how to play ice hockey, which she is currently working on. She has also danced Slasa for years and loves it. After taking Jujitsu for 3 years, she is looking to take another martial arts class, yet is currently undecided as to which one. 

When she is not on the go you will find her taking some down time at home watching a movie or reading a book. 

"When On Set”

Working on set, Lauren’s motto is “if you are not having fun, you shouldn’t be doing it.” She loves to meeting knew people. Lauren has said, “I love to be silly and make other people laugh. It’s imperative to stay lighthearted and have fun while on set for 12, 14, 16 hours a day.” Even though she loves to be silly, Lauren knows that when it’s time to shoot, all silliness must wait. She loves being on set no matter the role and always works hard. But of course, her ultimate goal is to be in a beautifully written movie or television show. And if it has horses then even better.

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